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Roll'O'Mat Filters

Roll'O'Mat Filters


Application and Description

Roll-O-Matic model G5 is a heavy-duty,rigidly constructed automatic renewablemedia filter suitable for all types of airconditioning and ventilation systems incommercial, institutional and industrialbuildings. The model is equipped withmedia spools and guide rods to ensurethat the media remains stretched as itadvances through the filter. This preventsunfiltered air from bypassing the mediawhilst guaranteeing high quality airfiltration. Roll-O-Matic is easy to installand requires little maintenance.

Standard Package

Roll-O-Matic consists of a basic frameassembly, an upper dispensing unit toaccommodate the media roll, a lowerrewind unit to house the used media executed in galvanized steel, a drive motor with gear assembly to advance the media and a control unit to actuate the drive motor.

Basic Frame Assembly

The basic frame assembly accommodatesa set of vertical guide rods and horizontalcross bars which ensure that the mediaremains flat and stretched as it advancesbetween the upper and lower rollers. Toensure a sturdy construction the upperand lower frame assemblies are supportedby braces on either side of the unit.

Dispensing (Top) Unit

The dispensing unit houses pins onwhich the clean media roll is mounted.This unit also accommodates a mediarun-out switch.

Rewind (Bottom) Unit

This unit contains pins on which themedia rewind spool is fitted as well as amotor reducer with chain and sprockettransmission. As standard, the motorreducer can drive upto two sections simultaneously.

Roll-O-Mat Media

Roll-O-Matic is supplied with Roll-O-Mat filter media. This media is made of continuous spun glass fibres with declining diameter and increasing density from air inlet to air outlet side. Because of this progressive build up and the use of a special adhesive called 'Viscosine', thearrestance and dust holding capacity arevery high. Glass wire strands are bonded to the media every 15 cm running the full length of the roll to ensure that it  has sufficient strength and dimensional stability under the tension created. Standard Roll-O-Mat media (M94) hasan arrestance of 80%-85% (ASHRAE52-76) and a G3 classification accordingto EN779. The initial resistance is 45 Paat 2.5 m/s. The recommended finalresistance is 130 Pa. The media is capableof withstanding temperatures up to80˚C.

Control Units

Roll-O-Matic can be supplied with aTimer-, Pressure- or Infra-Red sensorcontrol unit. Each of these units has anearly warning 'end of media' signal thatwarns the user that it is time to replacethe media roll. Manual control by meansof a push button is also possible

Timer Control

The metering switch in combinationwith a solid state timer actuates the drivemotor which advances the media by wayof pulses via a cam synchroniser. Thetimer can be easily adjusted to suit localsite conditions.

Pressure Control

Media advancement is achieved when theresistance over the media reaches a presetvalue.

Infra-Red Sensor Control

This control unit consists of an infra-redlight source in combination with adetector, calibrated to actuate the drivemotor when a preset level of dirtaccumulation has been reached. The unitworks independently of airflow or timecycles and is therefore ideally suited forvariable air volume systems

On-Site-Assembly or Pre-Assembled Components

Normally, the Roll-O-Matic is suppliedin individual components for assemblyon site. This facilitates easy handling andstorage and reduces shipping costs. Allcomponents are designed for quick andeasy installation. However, forRoll-O-Matic sizes up to 6-98, the unitcan be supplied in factory assembledsections, mounted on a pallet.

Drive Motor

0.18 kW with gear reducerStandard: 220/400V-3ph.-50Hz


Drive motor 220V-1ph.-50Hz-0.12kW.

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