About us

About us

Tekfil Filtre San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

In today’s modern, densely populated and industrialized world there is a growing need to provide clean air for the protection of people, products and processes. Nowhere is the commitment to the promotion of cleaner air more apparent, or better stated, than in the Tekfil motto "Clean Air is Our Business" at Tekfil. Tekfil, since its establishment in 1992; manufacturing and marketing filters and filtration systems for Industrial filters, ventilation and air conditioning systems, dust retention systems, odor and gas filtration with our experienced and professional staff. However, as a consequence of the importance given to quality and customer satisfaction, Tekfil has come to the fore as a reliable name of the sector.

In this brochure Tekfil’s complete range of particulate, molecular and air filtration products and components for commercial and industrial HVAC, automotive, gas turbine and cleanroom applications are outlined.


Commercial & Industrial

a complete range of particulate and molecular air filters that improve the quality of indoor air in hospitals, offices, airports, shopping malls, airports, museum



a range of silicon free air filters for paint spraying and high temperature drying line processes that are needed to ensure the smooth, glossy paint surface finish on cars



a full range of HEPA, ULPA filters with glass fibre or PTFE media augmented with an extensive selection of ceiling grids, housings and other auxiliary equipment for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food and cleanbench industries where ultra clean air is critical.